Get Online At Home

The best way to get your affordable and internet ready computer

What can you do with your computer?

We’ve included lots of excellent software. It’s all set up and ready to go.

You can do some amazing things, right out of the box!

  • Send emails
  • Write letters
  • Watch films
  • Video call friends anywhere in the world
  • View and edit photos
  • Listen to music from around the world
  • Do your shopping and get it delivered
  • View millions of websites
  • Much much more...

Just some of the software included:

  • Microsoft Windows 10 operating software
  • Microsoft software for documents, emails, messaging, pictures and more
  • Security software from Microsoft to keep you safe online
  • Accessibility software * to make it easier for anyone to see, hear and use a computer
  • All inclusive, no subscriptions
  • All pre-installed and ready to use

We've included everything you'll need to get started. It's all free, no subscriptions.

We've also included software that makes it easy for people with visual and other impairments to use computers. Check the list of accessibility software