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It's been a godsend! I'd have been stuck to know how to keep him happy... I would have been struggling.

Heather is full time carer of her teenage grandson. She finds that having an internet-connected computer in the house makes the relationship much easier to manage.

She handles his computer use responsibly, and he, in turn, helps her with her internet searches. As a result, she feels able to say, "It's a good life. I shouldn't complain. I'm quite sorted."


It's very good. All the information we need is right at our fingertips and it can save a lot of money.

Robert likes to get a good deal so he was keen to buy a computer through the Get Online @ Home scheme.

It was already a good price, but Robert was chuffed that he got a further discount because he gets pension credit.

It hasn't taken long for Robert to see some return on his investment. He's already saved money by shopping around online for different prices.

His wife and granddaughter have also been getting good use out the computer – it's become a real family asset.

Christina and Bria

It's been brilliant. I'm really chuffed with it - it's affordable, effective, and does what it says on the tin.

Bria (11) needs to go online to get her secondary school homework. Bria's mum, Christina, didn't want Bria starting secondary school on the back foot. But income support and being a single parent meant that even buying the cheapest computer from the High Street just wasn't an option.

The Get Online @ Home computer offer means that Bria can now study with all the available resources on the internet. Christina goes online to get great money-saving ideas.


This is a great deal, and it's only right that other people should know about it.

Linda was determined to get her whole family online. Her family is on benefits so Linda was quick to take advantage of the Get Online @ Home scheme.

Now the kids are getting more familiar with computers. Linda, too was soon using the computer to engage with her extended family - a brother who lives forty miles away, and her two older daughters living away from home.

Now that she's sorted her own family out, Linda has been spreading the word about Get Online @ Home to other parents. She's also using her new computer to help raise money for the school


I say to people who are on their own, 'get a computer, you can make so many friends'.

Pauline would be lost without her computer. She was devastated when her old computer died and she couldn't afford a new one. It had become a real lifeline while she recovered from a major brain haemorrhage.

Thanks to a new computer through Get Online @ Home, Pauline feels connected again to friends, family and the wider world.

She can also keep up with the computer games that help stimulate her brain since her operation.


I wouldn't have minded an instruction book on it, but with Windows, the computer tells you how to do it.

Cyril didn't want to be unemployed for long when an injury ended his bricklaying career. So he decided to go freelance as a National Vocational Qualification assessor in his old trade.

Cyril knew he'd need a computer with internet access if he was going to get ahead in a new job. Being on Jobseeker's Allowance meant he qualified for a subsidised deal through Get Online @ Home, so he jumped at the chance.Cyril had some experience with computer years ago but has taught himself a lot more skills since getting the new computer.