Get Online At Home

The best way to get your affordable and internet ready computer

Who Is Behind Get Online @ Home?

Get Online @ Home is an initiative run by a number of computer suppliers to provide low cost refurbished desktop and laptop computers to support the Go ON UK digital inclusion programme

These suppliers provide the low cost refurbished desktop and laptop computers that are at the heart of this offering and all orders shall be placed with, and all queries in relation to a particular order shall in each case be made to, the relevant refurbisher.

For media enquiries only, please email Sam Cooper on

For all other enquiries about Get Online @ Home products and services, please call 03719 100 100.

About the Computer Suppliers

The desktop and laptop computers provided by the GetOnline@Home programme are high quality, refurbished devices. This means they have been used before, generally in business situations.

Although they are no longer needed by their original owner, they have many years of useful life left in them.

These refurbishers restore them to give them a fresh start: any data will be removed; a new set of the core Microsoft software will be installed and all the hardware will be cleaned and polished for the new owner.

In environmental terms, recycling two PCs is the equivalent of taking a car off the road for a year.

Currently, the refurbishers involved in the scheme are:

In addition, Carphone Warehouse aim to give you a wide choice of internet service suppliers to choose from for your connection to the Internet.